Reclaiming, restoring, and renewing land in Henderson

A world-class team was assembled and included a diversity of experts charged with the task of coordinating, developing and completing various aspects of the project. The team included land use planners, engineers, wildlife biologists, geologists, hydrologists, chemists and others, led by Dr. Ron Sahu. read more


The Remediation Team


About Basic Remediation Company (BRC)

Restoration Process

Basic Remediation Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Basic Management, Inc. that has carried out remediation and restoration of the 2,200 acre site east of Boulder Highway. read more


Project Oversight

We consider accountability paramount and appreciate the involvement from regulators, local jurisdictions and the public. It is the intention and mandate of Basic Remediation Company (BRC), through the cooperation and oversight of these groups, to remediate the site to the standards that allow for residential development.