Basic Remediation Company (BRC) is committed to reclaiming and restoring this land to the strict Environmental Protection Agency standards, making the way for a landmark urban community with neighborhoods, commercial centers, parks, open space and trails.

BRC understands the importance of this reclamation project and places the highest priority on the safety of those who will live and work here during and after the remediation process.

It is committed to carrying out the remediation of this land in accordance with plans prepared in close cooperation with the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection. All other applicable federal, state, and local regulations will be adhered to as well.

Approximately 400 acres of the 2,200 acre site will require remediation, but the entire 2,200 acres has been and will be tested to ensure compliance with the environmental standards as established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection. Click here to view the restoration map.