To monitor the restoration process, BRC created an advisory committee made up of Henderson residents, business owners, regulatory agencies and environmental groups. The RAC held public meetings so the community would have an active voice in the reclamation processes.

Committee members included:

Remediation Team

  • Dr. Ranajit (Ron) Sahu
    Certified Environmental Manager(CEM)

  • Lee C. Farris, P.E.
    Vice President

  • Weston Solutions
    Construction Management

  • ERM Statistics
    Risk & Statistics

    Environmental Services

  • GES
    Drilling, Sampling & Geo Tech

  • Geosyntec
    CAMU Detailed Design

  • Converse Consultants
    Drilling, Sampling & Air Monitoring

  • Dr. Dale Devitt UNLV
    Soils Support

  • Dr. A.K. Singh
    UNLV Statistics

  • Kleinfelder Ground Water Assessment Environmental Lab
    Ground Water Characterization

  • Daniel B. Stephens & Associates, Inc.
    Soil Remediation Hydro-geologist
    Environmental Labs

  • Meadow Valley Construction
    Debris Removal & Site Preparation
  • Atkins